No better praise than the one given by students

"Even though I was trying Yoga for the first time, I found the breathing exercises to be helpful in making me feel relaxed. The partner exercise helped alleviate the tightness in my neck and shoulders from being hunched over my computer. The instructor was encouraging and provided direction in a way that didn’t feel rushed. This is a yoga session that I would definitely recommend to all my colleagues."

Eamon Wild
B2B Sales Professional

“After the yoga session, I felt calm, energized and in charge. I worked with a much clearer mind and was able to work smoother and more efficiently. I have always believed in the importance of blocking time at work for a guided yoga session. The instructor was capable and motivating, a 10 out of 10! We need a yoga session at work more than once a week! “

Naz S.
CX Professional

“From the session I felt really good, I can’t believe how it helped with the cold I was starting to get! I enjoyed the stretches over the table on the chair, tilt head back, all of it! Blocking time for yoga session at work is so important, I think it helps us continue our work day be more alert and energized. I was really impressed with the teacher’s instruction; it felt soothing and really relaxed me! Definitely a 10 out of 10 class! ”

Pina L.

“Echo is not a yoga teacher. She is the mentor who will guide you from a regular practice to a deeper and more meaningful life experience. Her boundless love for people combined with her exceptional intuition make her a true master of this ancient art.”

Interior Design

“Thank you for your consistent, positive energy during the yoga classes, Echo. They were an absolute gem and are to be missed. Any company would be foolish to not keep your teaching.”

David R.

“It was pleasure practicing yoga with Echo for 4 years. We had a great experience each time which we never had before, including the support and guidance. We hope we can have another chance to practice in Echo’s class one day again. My husband and I won’t forget her energy and passion for teaching yoga.”

Maryam S.
Electrical Designer

"And they call it puppy. Omg I had the best time ever!!! This was my first time doing puppy yoga and won't be my last. While trying to practice breath and keep my posture these little fur babies literally scurry past you, under you and around you and nestle in your arms for cuddles and pics. Their temperament was incredible, and they even nibble on your toes and give kisses as you practice downward dog. Echo and the staff were awesome, so welcoming and fun. Highly recommend 10/10!!!"

The Peckish Palate
Yoga Class Participant

"First time trying kitten yoga ever and did not disappoint! Brought our own mat, but they have options for you to rent. They were great to ensure we clean our mats prior to the event. Safe and fun environment to host kitten yoga. Instructor was great. Staff were friendly and great. The person who brought in the kittens was great as well! 45 mins for yoga and 15 mins play time with the kittens was enough as you still get few mins here and there during the yoga session."

Kate Ngai
Yoga Class Participant

"We participated in puppy yoga for the second time this year. It was amazing! They are serious about the safety of the puppies and the safety a d enjoyment of the participants. I went with my 8 year old son and his grandmother and there is usually a diverse age range of participants - all of whom enjoyed the experience. I can't wait for the next opportunity in October. After cuddling the puppies my stress level definitely diminished and the short yoga class with lots of stretching was a great way to start the day."

Eleanor Millar
Yoga Class Participant

"Such a stellar experience! We were lucky enough to have a litter of Australian Shepherd puppies (10 of them!) and it was such a fun time. The staff were friendly and the breeders made sure that we all got the best puppy experience possible. Would definitely recommend and will be doing it again!"

Erika Spekkens
Yoga Class Participant

"We had a group of 10 for my daughters 13th birthday…this was amazing!! 7 puppies and along with some light yoga, they made sure to help us get great pics and cuddle time with the puppies, even with a big group of people (20+ in our class). Really enjoyable - recommend!"

Louise Malhotra
Yoga Class Participant

"I took my girls to Puppy Yoga for Mother's Day and a birthday celebration. The experience did not disappoint! My girls loved every moment and so did I! The puppies were 7 week old English Bulldogs and beyond precious! This experience is good for the soul!"

Carissa Yarmand
Yoga Class Participant

From corporate yoga to puppy yoga to kittens

Dive into the delightful world of yoga variations! Each yoga class promises not just a good stretch, but a heartwarming experience, bringing a unique twist to traditional yoga.